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Patents and Trademarks

cache_3347965204Every day the business climate gets more and more competitive. Having intellectual property rights in the form of a patent or trademark can provide a significant advantage.

If your business has a distinctive logo or other identifying characteristics a trademark can protect you from a competitor trying to use your intellectual property to gain an unfair advantage or confuse your customers.

If you have an invention that you want to commercialize having a patent can make it worth significantly more because you can prevent competitors from copying your invention. If you have an invention and are interested in applying for a patent you need to talk to an attorney who can guide you through this very technical process. There are significant issues related to what the U.S. Patent Law requires related to the novelty, usefulness and non-obviousness of an invention in order to obtain a patent. These are all specific terms with legal meanings that you should discuss with your attorney and delaying that discussion could mean you will lose your rights.

Critical to the legal concept of novelty is making sure that the invention has not been disclosed to the public…even telling your best friend about your invention could be considered a public disclosure and prevent you from getting a patent. At the Baumgartner Law Firm we are in the secret keeping business, so contact us today to learn how to protect your inventions, trademarks and trade secrets.

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