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HOAS and Subdivisions

Your home is a significant investment and it is critical that you protect its value and the value and reputation of your subdivision or development. Most homeowners are members of their Homeowner’s Association, commonly referred to as the HOA. The HOA is authorized to enforce the Covenants and Restrictions that are part of the uniform plan of development in the subdivision and many times the individual owners also have the right to enforce the Covenants and Restrictions.

These Covenants and Restrictions have the force of law among all the property owners and lay out the rules for what can and cannot be done with the property so that the subdivision retains its character. For example there may be restrictions on the type of exterior (brick or stucco, for instance) that can be used on a home or a restriction on satellite dishes or metal sheds or fences or a requirement to cut the grass or maintain landscaping or pay dues to the HOA. These rules are in place for the benefit of all the homeowners so that each homeowner can rely on the properties around them being maintained to prevent loss of value in the area.

If you are experiencing frustration because a property is not being maintained, or other activities are going on that you think are hurting the value of your property or upsetting the character of your neighborhood contact your HOA or call us to get advice on enforcing the Covenants and Restrictions in your neighborhood.

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