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We Get It. You come to us so that we can find solutions to your problems. Whether it is because you have had benefits denied, a loved one has recently passed, you want to set up a plan to care for your family or you need to protect your rights and your business interests. We get it.

We find solutions and fight to get you the results you deserve.

You can rely on the Baumgartner Law Firm for hassle free communication with your lawyer, straightforward reasonable fees, and results. Find out more about why Baumgartner should be your law firm of choice.

Whether you need to get disability benefits, protect your family, preserve your assets, start or grow your business, file a patent or trademark, or just quickly and economically deal with a legal issue you are facing the Baumgartner Law Firm is right for you.

Take a look at our practice areas and then click over to the specific pages for more information. We pledge to treat you the way we would want to be treated because we know that as your attorney you are trusting us with your most important concerns.

Succession and Probate

When you have lost a loved one you need an attorney who understands what you are going through and will work hard to make sure that administering your loved one’s estate doesn’t make a difficult situation even more painful. If it is time to take the steps necessary to transfer property from your loved one, whether they had a will or not, you can trust that your needs will be met with respect and compassion. Contact Dr. Baumgartner today or click below to learn more.


Wills, Trust and Estate Planning

There is nothing more important than protecting your family and making sure that your assets are preserved and what you have worked hard for goes where you want it to. Many people shy away from making a will, a living will or getting a power of attorney because it can be hard to think about these kinds of situations. Because of this reason and because people think good legal advice will cost a lot of money they wait, sometimes they wait too long and the consequences are devastating.  When you realize the importance of making a plan so that your medical care is what you want it to be and so that your family and assets are protected you need an attorney who is ready to listen and make you planning process easier and hassle free. Because Dr. Baumgartner believes so strongly that taking care of these items is critical to the well being of his clients’ families the Baumgartner Law Firm offers very affordable flat fee arrangements based on the size of your estate. Contact Dr. Baumgartner today or click below to learn more.


Business Law and Services

You work hard to build and grow your business. You need an attorney who takes the time to understand what you do and what you need from a legal perspective that fits with the real world situations of business. Dr. Baumgartner counsels numerous business clients and has negotiated hundreds of contracts including standard engagement contracts, licensing agreements, non-compete employment contract, and non-disclosure agreements. You can also count on Dr. Baumgartner to counsel you in making sure you don’t violate Securities regulations if you need to raise money to start or expand your business. We counsel clients to find solutions to the issues you are faced with in your business everyday. Contact Dr. Baumgartner today or click below to learn more.


Homeowners/Condominium Associations and Subdivisions

Your home is a major investment. Sometimes it becomes necessary to take action so that the value and character of your neighborhood is preserved. When properties in your neighborhood are not being maintained or other activities are taking place that are in violation of the Covenants and Restrictions we are here to help you preserve and protect your home, lifestyle and the value of your property. Contact Dr. Baumgartner today or click below to learn more.


Patents and Trademarks

Everyday the business world becomes more and more competitive. When you need to gain an advantage by protecting the intellectual property of your business with a patent or trademark Dr. Baumgartner can help. As a licensed patent attorney you can depend on Dr. Baumgartner to counsel you regarding your intellectual property rights and fight to make sure that those rights are protected and to take immediate action if a competitor is trying to make money off of what is rightly your asset. Contact Dr. Baumgartner today or click below to learn more.


Other Legal Fields

We will gladly represent you in cases regarding:

  •  Construction law
  •  Real estate law
  •  Commercial litigation
  •  Antitrust law
  •  Employment law
  •  Personal injury law
  • Class action lawsuits

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