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Baton Rouge Attorney Wade Baumgartner provides Expert Legal Counsel in Succession, Wills, and Probate along with Professional Business Counsel and Guidance in Louisiana.

Looking for a Baton Rouge Attorney focused on Estate Planning, inclusive of Legal Counsel and Representation in Wills, Succession and Probate? Attorney Wade Baumgartner, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana Lawyer focused on Estate resolution issues and Napoleonic Code, brings years of successful legal representation and counsel to your service. As you may know, Louisiana law differs considerably from other states. Louisiana has very strict laws that control where property goes after someone dies. If you have any questions about what may happen to your property, speak with Dr. Wade Baumgartner today!

In Louisiana, succession is the process of distributing property after someone’s death, posing unique and many times difficult challenges. Dr. Wade Baumgartner’s extensive experience not only directs his action toward Will Creation and Perfection, but also his compassion during this potentially emotional time. Many people dealing with Wills, Probate and Succession issues just need someone to talk to, someone with compassion and sharp, fundamental knowledge and experience with Estate Issues. Baton Rouge Probate Attorney Wade Baumgartner not only provides Best In Class Legal Representation, but also a human helping hand, to guide you through these difficult times.

Dr. Wade Baumgartner is focused on blending Top Notch Legal Representation with helpful compassion. Rest assured if you are a potential new client, we clearly understand that you may be dealing with a whirlwind of issues based around both legal and emotional questions having recently lost a loved one.

From Estate Planning to succession to litigation, Dr. Wade Baumgartner provides practical, solid legal advice and representation. Are you are looking for a lawyer who understands and respects the sensitive needs involved in succession? Contact us to talk to Baton Rouge probate law attorneys at 225-293-7100.

Baton Rouge Business Counsel and Legal Representation

Legal Representation and Professional Business Counsel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, through Dr. Wade Baumgartner, brings an incredible level of detail, experience, and representation into your company. Are you looking for sage Business Legal Advice in Baton Rouge relative to proper Business Incorporation Type? Baton Rouge Business Attorney Wade Baumgartner will guide and represent your effort based on extensive experience, legal training, and team based knowledge at his disposal.

As a Louisiana Lawyer with significant Business Representation, Dr. Wade Baumgartner provides clear Corporate Guidance, Business Advice, and Legal Representation to Corporations of all sizes conducting business in Louisiana. As a Louisiana Counselor of Law, and Officer of the Court based in Louisiana’s State Capital, Baton Rouge, Dr. Wade Baumgartner is extremely active in the hub of Louisiana Business Law!

Several areas of Business Legal Counsel Attorney Wade Baumgartner focuses are (but not limited to):

Business Formation

Articles of Incorporation

Contract Law including creation and perfection

  • Homeowners Associations
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Drafting
  • Property Damage
  • Commercial Developing
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Construction Disputes/Design Changes/Differing Site Conditions
  • Architect-Engineer Malpractice
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation/Arbitration)
  • Surety/Bond Issues
  • Project Documentation
  • Delays, Scheduling, & Acceleration
  • Project Termination
  • RFP, Proposal, Prime Contract, Subcontract & Purchase Order Preparation & Negotiation
  • Project Finance Documents